The Woman Who Divided 2PM: Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

Several 2PM members had crushes on her!

While 2PM‘s Lee Junho is currently gaining attention for his chemistry with Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA, these two groups go way back…

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And a few of the 2PM members had crushes on YoonA.

Taecyeon (left) and YoonA (right)

2PM’s Chansung previously chose YoonA as his ideal type. The two also showcased great chemistry during Idol Army Show. 

Likewise, Nichkhun had chosen YoonA as his ideal type, admiring her smile. Yet, he dated her fellow member Tiffany.

I like SNSD… YoonA. She has a very beautiful smile.

— Nichkhun

He was even once asked who he would want to be with out of the Girls’ Generation members. He “apologized” to Taecyeon and chose YoonA.

YoonA and Taecyeon have quite the history. They were chosen as the leads for a steamy Caribbean Bay commercial.

Beyond just filming the commercial, Taecyeon couldn’t help but admire YoonA. He thought she was pretty and frequently spoke about her. He even gifted her perfume and an initial necklace.

On the other hand, YoonA chose Lee Seung Gi over Taecyeon during talk show Strong Heart. Seung Gi had also consistently shown interest in her, and the two went on to date for a couple of years.

Still, someone was envious of Taecyeon’s relationship with YoonA.

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During SBS‘s One Night’s TV Entertainment aired in 2010, Taecyeon exposed Junho. All Junho could do was smile embarrassingly as Taecyeon revealed his member had been jealous of him for performing with YoonA!

Junho is 2PM avatar of jealous. He was envious of my collaboration with YoonA during one of last year’s year-end stages.

— Taecyeon

Taecyeon (top) and Junho (bottom)

Despite this, Junho and YoonA appeared to be friends over the years. They stayed close during the variety show Family Outing and even slept beside each other.

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Junho also chose YoonA in SBG: Idol Special. He had nothing but good things to say about her.

YoonA knows how to be herself and not worry about her image.

— Junho


Years later, Junho and YoonA continued to be friendly. He even sent a truck to support her for K-Drama Big Mouth (also known as Big Mouse).

Finally, over a decade after Junho had expressed jealousy over his fellow 2PM member’s performance with YoonA, he was now the one to perform with her. Junho and YoonA collaborated for a sexy dance performance of Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes‘ “Señorita,” a song about friends who can’t ignore their attraction for each other.

Now, Junho is the 2PM member who has worked with YoonA on many occasions. They were MCs for 2022 MBC Music Festival and performed Michael Jackson‘s “Love Never Felt So Good.”

Currently, Junho and YoonA are stealing hearts with their K-Drama King the Land. Their chemistry is delighting fans on and off-screen.

YoonA (left) and Junho (right)

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