2PM’s Taecyeon Handles Body Shaming Comments In The Most Bad*ss Way

That is one way to handle it!

Beginning during his mandatory military enlistment, 2PM‘s Taecyeon gained the attention of fans and non-fans for his handsome visuals.

2PM’s Taecyeon | JYP Entertainment

The actor and musician earned the title of “Captain Korea,” a reference to the Marvel character Captain America, due to the lengths he went to enlist as an active-duty soldier and his physique that resembled the comic and movie character.

Recently, BTS‘s Jin has attracted similar attention as he serves out his mandatory enlistment. Eagle-eyed fans previously noticed that Jin was given an impressive role during his training, and Korean media began reporting Jin as the newest celebrity in the “Captain Korea” line of celebrities after his assignment as an assistant instructor.

Other celebrities that have served or are currently serving in the position include BIGBANG‘s DaesungEXO‘s Xiumin, actors Kang Tae Oh and Kim Dong Joon, and Taecyeon.

BTS’s Jin in his uniform via the official “The Camp” app | The Camp

Some fans of Taecyeon took offense to the title of Captain Korea being shared and insisted that the title belongs to Taecyeon.

Others thought the title should be shared, some even negatively commenting on Taecyeon’s appearance, referring to him as a “fridge.”

| Twitter

Soon after the initial conflict began, Taecyeon went live on Instagram while working out and seemed to address not only the wild sex story allegations directed towards him but the comments about his appearance!

| @taecyeonokay/Instagram

I was working out and checking out the internet, and there was so much nonsense, hahahaha.

— Taecyeon

Taecyeon also talked about how the nickname was just that and did not belong to only him.

| @taecyeonokay/Instagram

Actually, nicknames are basically pet names. No matter what everyone calls me, they’re calling me that with love. It’s not just mine.

— Taecyeon

As he signed off, Taecyeon said, “fridge out,” taking the title for himself and poking fun at those who used it negatively.

Not only did Taecyeon respond while on live, but he also shared two tweets where he referred to himself as a “fridge.”

This was one funny and bad*ss way of handling body-shaming comments and putting some conflict to rest!


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