These 3 Produce 101 Trainees Already Have Half A Million Views Each On Their Individuals Fancams

These Produce 101 trainees are taking the world by storm through their individual performance videos.

Over the past week, Mnet has released official individual fancams of each Produce 101 trainee performing ahead of episode 4’s airing.

The videos featuring the shows front runners confirmed just how popular they are. Within the short span of a week, they have been able to gather half a million views on their individual videos!

The videos of contestants, Park Jihoon, Kim Samuel, and Lai Guan Lin all have over 500,000 views, making them the top 3 most viewed trainees on the show.

The high number of views each individual has received is an astounding feat, considering their popularity even before they officially debut.

Check out their hot videos below!

1. Kim Samuel: 630,000 views

As one of the top contenders for the center position in Produce 101, Brave Entertainment‘s Kim Samuel has gathered an immense fanbase both in Korea and internationally.

His individual performance video is the most viewed amongst all 101 trainees with over 630,000 views!


2. Park Jihoon: 611,000 views

It comes as no surprise that Maroo Entertainment‘s Park Jihoon would be on of the individuals with the most views considering his consistent popularity on the show.

The trainee demonstrated that he’s more than just a pretty face with this fierce performance.

3. Lai Guan Lin: 509,000 views

Despite not being “A” rank like the other two, Cube Entertainment‘s Guan Lin has captured the hearts of many with his humbleness and dedication to improving. His hard work can be seen in his performance.