Former 4Minute Member Son Ji Hyun Claims She Was the Hottest One in the Group

“I think I’m the type to be drawn to.” – Son Ji Hyun

On a recent episode of MBC’s Video Star, former 4Minute member and current actress, Son Ji Hyun, formerly known as Nam Jihyun, dished about her popularity during her years as an idol.

She first revealed the behind story of why she changed her name from Nam Jihyun to Son Ji Hyun.

When I go to auditions, I get called 4Minute’s Nam Jihyun. I didn’t think that was good for me or any of my fellow auditionees, so I ended up changing my name.

– Son Ji Hyun

Park Na Rae then went on to expose Son Ji Hyun for how much she loves herself.

She picked herself as the 4Minute member who was the most popular when they went to clubs together. When people suspected her for getting breast implants, she said, ‘My breasts were always this big.’

– Park Na Rae

And Son Ji Hyun confirmed that it was true.

I was the most popular 4Minute member when we went to clubs.

– Son Ji Hyun

She even added,

I think I’m the type to be drawn to when you first look at me. When I walk down the streets, people don’t know it’s me and give me their business cards.

– Son Ji Hyun

When Park Na Rae asked if she was ever hit on by a celebrity, Son Ji Hyun gave a surprising answer.

Doesn’t that happen to everyone?

– Son Ji Hyun

Son Ji Hyun debuted back in 2009 with 4Minute alongside her fellow members, which include the famous, Hyuna.

Following 4Minute’s disbandment in 2016, Son Ji Hyun has been active in the entertainment industry as an actress.

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