5 Korean Dramas Based On Popular Webtoons You Absolutely Must Watch

Check these dramas out while you sit out your stay-at-home orders!

While it has been announced that popular webtoons such as “Love Revolution” and “Sweet Home” have been already slated for production, as we anxiously wait for their releases, here are some webtoons that have already been made into dramas that you can watch in the meantime!

1. “Love Alarm”

The show was released as a Netflix original and is centered around the premise of a fictional app that can track if someone has feelings for someone within a set radius. This app cannot be turned on and off once downloaded, such that people cannot hide their feelings. However, the female lead, Kim Jo Jo (played by actress Kim So Hyun) is given a function by the app’s creator, that allows her to turn the alarm on and off, which causes confusion in the love triangle that she is in. The male leads are played by Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram.

2. “My I.D is Gangnam Beauty”

The show was one of ASTRO Cha Eunwoo‘s first steps into the acting industry, and his visuals were an absolute match for the character of Do Kyung Seok, the seemingly cold and indifferent popular kid that falls for the gentle and genuine nature of Kang Mi Rae (played by Im Soo Hyang). The show focuses on the growth of Kang Mi Rae as she realizes that just maybe, looks aren’t as important as she thought they were.

3. “Cheese in the Trap”

The drama focuses on the life and relationships of a group of college students, and in particular that of plain yet hardworking and honest student, Hong Seol as played by Kim Go Eun and her senior, Yoo Jung, played by Park Hae Jin. Seol is often wary of Yoo Jung, but comes to warm up to him. Their relationship hits rocky spots when the sibling duo, Baek In Ha and Baek In Ho step in.

4. “Orange Marmalade”

AOA‘s Seolhyun hits the silver screen as the main lead for the first time in this adaptation of a sweet fantasy rom-com, opposite popular actor Yeo Jin Goo. Seolhyun plays a young vampire that yearns to fit into human society and be accepted for who she is, although she has to hide her vampire nature given the nasty sentiments humans have towards their race. Yeo Jin Goo’s character then falls in love with her as they interact as classmates and he comes to learn of her true identity.

5. “Scholar Who Walks the Night”

Another drama about vampires, although slightly more thrilling. Set in an alternative Joseon dynasty, Lee Yu Bi plays the daughter of a nobleman that is framed for treason. She begins cross-dressing as a bookseller and meets a scholar played by Lee Joon Gi, who is actually a 120 year old vampire guardian who’s job is to get rid of troublemaking vampires. He holds a flame for his first love, played by Kim So Eun, who died at the hands of Gwi, an evil vampire who also killed the scholar’s best friend. The two join hands to avenge their loved ones. Gwi is played by model-turned-actor, Lee Soo Hyuk, who’s piercing visuals pull of the role flawlessly

Other webtoon-turned-dramas that are planned for release but have yet to finalize the full cast or release date, include “True Beauty“, by popular writer Yaongi, who is known for being just as beautiful as her characters themselves.