Park Jihoon Resembles His “Love Revolution” Character So Much Fans Already Feel Like They’re Watching The Drama

“This character was made for Jihoon to play!!!”

It’s only been a few days since Park Jihoon was confirmed as the male lead in the upcoming digital series Love Revolution but his resemblance to his character is so striking that fans already feel like they’re watching the drama!

Love Revolution is a drama adaptation of the hit webtoon by author 232. The story follows the lovable, sweet, kind-hearted, and full-of-aegyo Gong Joo Young and his crush on the school’s prettiest girl.

On June 5, Kakao M confirmed Park Jihoon would be playing the role of Gong Joo Young and with the news, fans immediately knew the role would be perfect for him. But they may not have realized just how perfect!

Over the past couple of days, Park Jihoon has been making jaws drop with his resemblance to the character. Starting with a new haircut, Park Jihoon gave fans their first look at his character through his SNS.

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안녕! 공주영

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While the haircut made the two cuties match, Park Jihoon really had fans seeing the resemblance between the two after he held his video call fansign event.

During the event, his aegyo was out in full force making many fans feel like they were actually having a video call with Gong Joo Young instead!

200606 BEATROAD Video Call Fansign

I was on the phone with Gong Joo Young ᅲᅲᅲ


Fans can’t get over just how cute Park Jihoon was throughout the event and were even more convinced that the character was made for Jihoon to play!

There’s no doubt in our minds that Park Jihoon = Gong Joo Young. Love Revolution, meanwhile, has already begun filming and is expected to air later this year.

Source: The Qoo