5 Times BTS’s RM and Suga Knew A Little Too Much About Each Other

Is this what it’s like to be soulmates?

When it comes to being partners-in-crime, BTS‘s RM and Suga go way back,.10 years to be exact. As the first two members to be recruited by BigHit among the seven, this duo has shared their living space the longest, along with their dreams and passions surrounding music.

And what happens when you have shared such a significant portion of your life with someone so closely?

You end up getting to know them inside out.

Here are the top 5 moments of RM and Suga that prove this theory effortlessly:

1. When they aced the same-posing game

Starting with this iconic clip only feels right. During episode 38 of their variety show Run BTS, the duo participated in the “One Body Game” as a team, where they had to express certain words through posing. If both of them expressed a word the same way, they’d get a point. And guess what? They got 8/10 right!

Even the other members were left shocked, especially when they went for the same pose for the prompt “I Need U.”

2. When RM knew Suga’s underwear size (and brand preference)

During episode 85 of Run BTS, the members exchanged gifts in a game of Manito(similar to Secret Santa). RM gifted his Suga hyung some brand new underwear, and Suga’s reaction was really the icing on the cake.

3. “Woodcarving HAJIMA”

This is one of those BTS quotes that fans often want to put on a t-shirt. The context: in season 1 of another BTS variety show called BTS In The Soop, RM was checking out some wooden pieces left behind by other members who were trying to do woodcarving earlier. While Suga was busy lighting the fire for cauldron-cooking, he noticed RM and almost chased him away with tongs yelling “Woodcarving hajima“(don’t do woodcarving)!

Though RM had earlier said he would also like to try out woodcarving, Suga immediately knew that it wouldn’t be his cup of tea after trying it out himself. Once he explained that it took them 3 hours to make a single spoon, RM was quick to surrender.

4. When Suga knew exactly how RM reacts when he gets excited

When Suga was watching fireworks with members V and Jin, this is how he predicted RM to react:

Which wasn’t too far from how RM actually reacts in situations when he is really excited about something.

5. When RM knew Suga’s schedule by heart

Finishing off strong with the latest instance that even took Suga aback a little. During the new Festa Dinner, everyone was discussing how busy Suga’s schedule is currently. And that’s when RM dished out that Suga had a dermatologist’s appointment the next day.

It looks like this dynamic duo of BTS took the term “soulmate behavior ” a little too seriously.


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