7 Pictures Of Gugudan Mina’s Brand New Abs

Mina had them on full display!

Mina has undergone a huge change since her Produce 101 days.


The singer used to be known for her cute appearance.


Now she’s bringing the heat and stunning fans with her brand new abs!


When she appeared at KCON Japan, she blew fans away with her crop-top that highlighted her abdominal muscles.


While the pictures may show a small portion of Mina’s abs, the real magic was in her dancing.


When she moved you could see all the hard work she put into her core.

Her dance moves were killer but so were her abs!


From the beginning to the end of her performance, fans just couldn’t get enough of Mina and all of her breathtaking muscles.

  • “I was already amazed by her dancing but those abs! Wow!”

  • “I was surprised by Mina’s abs.”

  • “She must have worked so hard. I couldn’t look away.”

  • “Mina is so cool and pretty!”

  • “My God! Mina…those abs!”


Source: Instiz