8 LGBT-themed K-Pop MVs That Push The Boundaries Of Korea’s Conservative Culture

Even though discussion of LGBT concepts is taboo in Korea, these MVs have taken it upon themselves to begin breaking down those barriers by portraying LGBT themes.

Korea’s conservative culture has been relatively slow to accept or even acknowledge LGBT-identifying individuals and their concerns, with witch hunts being conducted against gay soldiers in the military and a majority of political candidates espousing openly anti-gay platforms. Thankfully, K-Pop’s progressive nature and its tendency to push boundaries has given the LGBT community some visibility and representation in pop culture and these 8 videos are the perfect examples of that.

Heechul & Kyung Hoon – “Sweet Dream”

In this MV featuring Momo from TWICE, the three main characters are locked in a perfect love triangle with Heechul being in love with Momo’s character, Momo’s character being in love with Kyung Hoon, and Kyung Hoon being in love with Heechul.

Sweet Revenge – “Cry To Your Heart’s Content”

The loving and tender relationship between two young women is depicted beautifully in this MV by Sweet Revenge.

Mad Clown – “Love is a Dog From Hell”

Mad Clown’s music video for “Love is a Dog From Hell” focuses on a subject not often seen in K-Pop – being transgender. While it may not be explicit, it’s presented as a part of life, and an inner struggle — totally new to the K-Pop world!

SISTAR – “One More Day”

This MV shows the beautiful relationship between two women. The sweet moments shared throughout the video are sure to warm your heart.

After School – “Because of You”

The central theme of this MV from After School depicts a love triangle between three women.

Baby Soul & Yoo Jia – “She’s A Flirt”

The struggles and beauty of being in a same-sex relationship are poetically captured in the music video for Baby Soul & Yoo Jia’s “She’s A Flirt”.

Anda – “Touch”

Anda’s “Touch” MV has been sighted with lesbian themes, such as Anda and sitting between women’s legs and holding lilies which are a lesbian symbol. These, while not explicitly romantic, still carry heavy and important lesbian imagery.

K.Will – “Please Don’t…”

The twist at the end of this MV is sure to pull at your heart strings. You’ll have to watch to find out why it’s on this list!

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