9Muses’ Sera Reveals How Difficult It Was For The Younger Members Of The Group To Film Music Videos

She revealed why.

Now that 9Muses has disbanded, the girls have separated to do their own thing. Former leader Sera has recently posted to her YouTube channel, reacting to old 9Muses music videos. There, she revealed how difficult it was for the maknaes of her group to film certain videos.

She explained at the beginning how nervous she was to film the video, saying that it would be her first time reacting to her old music videos when she was an idol. She also reveals she had bad memories about their debut single, “No Playboy.”

While watching, she commented that everyone looked so sad about filming. As she watched, she revealed that the maknaes had a hard time filming.

Since she was older, she had no problem with the sexy outfits, but the maknaes were eighteen. In her words, “they were kids.” She explained how hard it was as a leader to watch her members struggle and how she cried.

As a leader,  watching them cry… Made me cry. Like, for an hour. And that’s how I was kicked out from the postion leader.

In the end, she talked about how hard it was for her, which brings into light how young girls are sometimes forced to act provocative in K-Pop despite it not being in their comfort zone. The girls have since departed from the company and are no longer promoting as a group.

Source: YouTube