AB6IX Discuss Their Artistic Influences And Processes

Their thought process is like a genius’s!

AB6IX will be featured in the February issue of Singles Korea! To begin their interview, the group talked about how they write their songs. Donghyun said, “After the song is complete and we confirm with our agency, the members listen to it together, and then we record. Sometimes I’ll have my members listen to it first at the dorm before the agency.

When discussing their repackage album SALUTE: A NEW HOPE, they praised each other for the uniqueness of the songs, especially the fan song “ENCORE”.

Honestly, [‘ENCORE’] it’s a genre unfamiliar to me. However, I thought that it would fit AB6IX really well and it is much more dramatic because our ABNEW is featured on it. We just put the cherry on top.


It was the first time I got goosebumps after hearing a guide.


I feel like I’ll cry if I sing it at a concert. I love the song, so please listen to it.


They also discussed their plans and goals for 2021.

We want to continue growing musically. Our true goal is releasing more great albums. We also hope that we can appear on television more often. Hopefully 2021 will become a year where you can find AB6IX on music shows and variety shows. After preparing ourselves with healthier bodies and brighter mindsets, we want to expand our members’ solo activities.


Daehwi commented on his recent “talented genius” image by saying, “My genius image has been well-developed by my agency and on broadcasts but if you look deeper, I don’t really have much. I’m thankful for the nickname, but I feel a bit upset because I think it overshadows everything I lost sleep and worked hard for.

Donghyun then talked about his artistic influences by mentioning that he used to be in a band since middle school. “My priority was always vocals and I kept my cover songs to one verse even after my debut. I’ve even practiced songs by Jang Beom June, Busker Busker, Geeks, and Epik High after rearranging them into a band session. If I ever make solo music, I want to try music that combines R&B with an acoustic sound, something like Jeong Sewoon‘s music.

Then it was Woojin‘s turn to share his experiences as a choreographer.

I attended a dance academy when I was young, so I’ve come up withmy own formula. I first get an understanding of the music’s story, then I look at the big picture. After picking a concept, I think of a beat that matches that. I think of cool moves in my head and then I freestyle. Sometimes I turn the music off for a second and I organize the movements like doing a puzzle. Then I write down the formations and the members’ names.


Woong discussed being the eldest member and how most of the time he is the one receiving help rather than giving help. “Technically, they debuted before me and are basically my seniors. I rely on them both on stage and mentally.” He finished the interview by saying that the group is very balanced and he often doesn’t feel the weight of being the eldest.

Source: Singles Korea