AB6IX’s Donghyun Warms Fans’ Hearts By Learning “Thank You” In Sign Language

The reason is so kind.

On a recent live broadcast, AB6IX‘s Donghyun showed fans how to say “thank you (formal)” in Korean sign language. He went on to explain exactly why he decided to learn this phrase.

| VLive

He explained that he recently took a taxi and when he got in he asked the driver to confirm it was the correct taxi. However, the taxi driver didn’t reply and kept his eyes in front of him.

Donghyun wondered if he had done something wrong but then saw a sign posted on the back of the seat.

This taxi is driven by a hearing-impaired person. Please tap the driver on the shoulder if you would like to say something.

—Donghyun (reading the sign)

He said that after reading that, he felt bad for assuming things about the driver and decided to learn “thank you” on the way to his destination. He said that he watched a YouTube tutorial and did what he learned to the driver when he got out.

Donghyun expressed that he wants fans to learn from this and learn sign language in case they are in the same situation.

I’m not telling you this to get compliments, I just think it would be nice for our fans to do this for the drivers.


This video warmed many fans’ hearts as many notice that abled people don’t often do these acts for the hearing-impaired.