AB6IX’s Jeon Woong Used A Photo Taken By A Fan To Make His Driver’s License

What a lucky fan!

K-Pop fans know just how talented fans are at taking photos of their faves! Sometimes the photos turn out even better than official ones released by the agency themselves. And it looks like AB6IX’s Jeon Woong proved this as he used a fans’ photos for his driver’s license!

Recently an online community board shared snippets of Jeon Woong’s messages on the UNIVERSE app, which showed that he used a fans’ photo for his license.


Remember during the fan sign event I told the fans that came that I’m going to get my license so take a picture for me? I decided to use a photo from one person that took a photo then. They came to the fan sign and really gave it for me to use. Oh yea good.

And here’s a photo of him posing quite seriously for his ID photo!


An idol that suddenly takes an ID photo during a fan sign…it looks like he will really use to to make a passport if the fans edit it and post it online.

An here’s the final product! And honestly, the photo came out so pretty and amazing.

| Nate Pann

He also revealed that he used the ID photo that was from their “1,2,3” promotion era for his passport photo!


I made my passport photo with the photos that you all have lolololol. The ID photo from ‘1, 2, 3’. That is my passport photo. Because my hair is slicked back you can see my eyebrows and ears well. 

He looks great once again in this photo and is perfect to use for his passport after editing the background.

| Nate Pann

Fans found this to be both cute and hilarious!

  • “He is so lovable!”
  • “Passport photos have to have a white background so I guess he edited the photos from the fans?”
  • “Sometimes I wonder if he is a comedian..so funny!”
  • “So freaking funny lololol.”
Source: nate pann