Here’s The Accessory SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Spent Over $20,000 On

It’s a piece that goes with everything.

To celebrate SEVENTEEN, S.Coups showed off his watch that was worth over $50,000 USD and isn’t the only member who has expensive taste. Joshua recently revealed one of the most pricey accessories that he’s purchased as well.

Joshua | @joshu_acoustic/Instagram

When Vernon and Joshua revealed their favorite luxury bags, they also shared some of the items they wear daily. For Joshua, one of those items was a watch he purchased a couple of months ago. It wasn’t just any watch, though.

It was from the esteemed Swiss luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet. There was a particular reason why it had stood out to him. Joshua explained, “My wrist is thin, so big watches don’t suit me.

Although the price isn’t as extravagant as S.Coups’s, it’s still just as pricey. The Royal Oak Selfwinding watch is priced at $21,500 USD, which is enough to buy a brand new car straight from the dealership.

| Audemar Piguet

With the watch being a chic silver, it not only matches Joshua’s “gentle sexy” vibe but can indeed be worn with every outfit. Just look at how well it suits him.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Watch Joshua talk about the expensive timepiece he’s recently added to his collection.

Source: Audemar Piguet