Actor Dickson Yu Copies BTS V’s “Smiley Face” For The Sweetest Reason

He was V’s twin for a day.

Dickson Yu, actor, model and DJ from Hong Kong, became BTS V‘s twin for a day as he attended the press conference for his sunbae actress Carol Cheng (also endearingly known as Do Do) and FAMA‘s new travel show Do Do’s Midnight Quests.


According to local media reports, Dickson Yu shared that he dressed up as V because he wanted to show support for Carol Cheng’s endeavors with an unforgettable surprise.

When I heard that Do Do’s Midnight Quests is to be filmed, I decided to cheer her up and give her some energy by dressing up like V.

— Dickson Yu


As Carol Cheng is known to be a huge V-biased BTS fan, Dickson Yu chose to re-create V’s Riyadh, Saudi Arabia look — with the legendary “smiley” on his cheek.

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On top of the cheeky smiley face, Dickson Yu also dyed his hair blue like V. While this is his first time trying a different hair color, he commented, he “just wanted to make Do Do happy.”


Dickson Yu cautiously added that he feels slightly concerned that BTS’s fans might find his “cosplay” of V irritating. He explained that he didn’t mean to offend anyone — if anyone felt offended by his imitation — and said it was all done in good faith for his sunbae-nim.

I’m very worried. I don’t have any intention to offend.

— Dickson Yu


That being said, ARMYs aren’t offended at all. On the contrary, they find Dickson’s effort to put a smile on his nuna‘s face quite touching.


And for V to have been a way to bring happiness to someone, ARMYs are actually kind of proud!

Source: HK01 and THEQOO