Actor Kim Bum Exposes Why Lee Dong Wook Is Rarely Caught Up In Dating Rumors

“First of all, Lee Dong Wook is too…”

Despite making his acting debut at the age of eighteen, veteran actor Lee Dong Wook has only been caught up in a handful of dating rumors over his long career.

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In fact, the actor in his early forties has only had one public relationship. Lee Dong Wook was confirmed to be dating Suzy in March 2018. Sadly, it ended as quickly as it began. Four months later, the pair broke up because of “busy schedules.

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It turns out there’s a reason why the actor hasn’t been spotted with anyone else romantically. His close friend and fellow actor Kim Bum revealed why.

Kim Bum

During a Cosmopolitan Korea interview, the magazine asked Kim Bum whether he’d choose Tale of the Nine Tailed‘s Lee Rang or real-life Lee Dong Wook as someone he’d introduce to a younger sister. Kim Bum made the tough choice by instead choosing Lee Dong Wook’s character Lee Yeon, revealing why it would be hard to date Lee Dong Wook in real life.

Kim Bum revealed that Lee Dong Wook has so many schedules that he can’t even make time to see him—let alone make time for dating. Kim Bum admitted, “First of all, actual Lee Dong Wook is too busy to meet, and it’s also difficult for me to meet him.

Kim Bum didn’t exaggerate, either. For over twenty years, Lee Dong Wook has maintained a consistent schedule of starring in at least one K-Drama a year. That’s not including all of the hosting jobs, brand deals, and advertisements he has on his plate.

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Still, the busy actor hasn’t given up hope. Lee Dong Wook shared his wish to “meet someone naturally” and get married before he turns fifty.

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