Actor Lee Dong Wook Spills On His Ideal Type And Possible Future Plans For Marriage

The actor shared his honest thoughts!

When it comes to Korean idols and actors, it seems like the topic of romance is always something that comes up. There’s nothing netizens love more than finding out what their favorites want from their love life and their plans for the future.

One person who has recently spilled on what his ideal type of partner is and his future plans to get married is actor Lee Dong Wook.

Actor Lee Dong Wook | @leedongwook_official/Instagram

Since making his acting debut in 1999, the actor has not only wowed with his huge filmography of work, including K-Dramas like Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and Tale of the Nine Tailed…

Lee Dong Wook in “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”
Lee Dong Wook in “Tale of the Nine Tailed”

But also his dazzling visuals and charms when the cameras aren’t rolling.

| @leedongwook_official/Instagram
| @leedongwook_official/Instagram

The actor recently appeared in a video for Studio Waffle where he discussed everything from his daily routine, what he’s been watching recently, and much more.

In particular, Lee Dong Wook was asked what his ideal type was when it came to looking for a partner. Many were curious as, despite turning 40 last year, the actor hasn’t shown any signs of settling down.

At first, Lee Dong Wook explained, “Actually, I don’t really have a specific ideal type in terms of looks.”

He honestly added that he did have a preference for a certain style of haircut, and the host hilariously joked that it was the same as their writer.

But I think if it’s someone who looks good in a bob cut, I tend to get more attracted and interested.

— Lee Dong Wook

Although it wasn’t what fans expected, the actor made hearts melt when he revealed that he wanted to meet “The One” naturally and even had a whole scenario in his head.

I hope to meet someone naturally. It’s what my heart hopes for. When I go on a business trip abroad, I always sit by myself on the plane. I hope someone my type would sit beside me. There are times when I imagine such a thing but it has never happened.

— Lee Dong Wook

Although many people are thinking of getting married or are already married when they’re 40, the host pointed out that the average age of actors settling down is increasing. Yet, some of the big names, such as Hyun Bin, have started to settle down.

Unsurprisingly, Lee Dong Wook was asked if he had any plans for marriage and, after hearing the host’s comment, he added, “But perhaps I should get married before I turn 50.

For many netizens, they praised how honest Lee Dong Wook was about his love life, explaining that most actors would be hesitant about being so open about his plans for the future.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Studio Waffle

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