Actor Kim Min Gue’s Humble Response To Being Called A “Good Guy” Showcases His True Personality

He continues to prove his wholesome personality.

Actor Kim Min Gue was recently interviewed by Cosmopolitan Korea, giving fans some insight into his daily routine. During the interview, Cosmopolitan described him as a “good guy,” but Kim Min Gue had other thoughts.

Kim Min Gue | @mingue.k/Instagram

The actor captured hearts earlier this year for his portrayal of Cha Sung Hoon, the handsome chief secretary in Business Proposal.

Fans quickly fell in love with his adorable personality in real life, and as they learned more about him, they discovered his many charming talents.

Kim Min Gue in “Business Proposal”

To add to the charm, Kim Min Gue spent almost four minutes of the seven-minute interview talking about his “kids.”

His “kids” turned out to be his adorable cats. He heartwarmingly revealed that he had adopted each of his cats and had just rescued a third cat, who was still adjusting to her new life in his home.

He also rescued his cat Shami, whom he adopted the day before she was scheduled to be put down. Kim Min Gyu revealed Shami is glued to his side all day.

Kim Min Gue with his cats Sian (left) and Shami (right) | @mingue.k/Instagram

Kim Min Gue lit up when asked how he usually spoke to his cats and demonstrated the cute way he showered his cats in affection.

The actor shared his cats are always on his mind, and whenever he travels, he heads straight for the pet section to get them something special.

After exposing his kind personality through his love for animals and especially for his cats, Cosmpolitan asked how a “good guy” like him spends his free time. He humbly denied this was true.

Although he said that, his answer to the next question further proved his status as a “good guy.” When asked what he does in moments of rebellion, he shared that he goes outside. He considered normal activities such as going to a cafe or grabbing something to eat as rebellious.

He acknowledged that those were not bad activities, but for him, he much preferred to stay at home.

Even when he wants to get out of the house and grab a drink, he hilariously revealed he only manages to drink one bottle of soju. He declared that was how he rebelled.

His pure love for his cats and mild definition of “rebellion” further showcases his wholesome and charming personality.

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