“Business Proposal” Kim Min Gue Texts Seol In Ah Late At Night — For A Surprising Reason

Where can we buy a Min Gue?

Business Proposal‘s second leads are fast gaining popularity. Some even love them more than the main leads! Seol In Ah plays Jin Young Seo, a bubbly heiress that strikes out on her own for the first time in life. She hands in her credit cards and moves out…

Jin Young Seo played by Seol In Ah. | tvN

…only to find out that her neighbor is the devastatingly handsome guy she met at the convenience store. Enter Cha Seong Hoon, the assistant and close friend to Kang Tae Moo, a bigshot CEO. Played by Kim Min Gue, he won hearts with his dashing smile and adorable personality.

Cha Seong Hoon played by Kim Min Gue. | tvN 

The two actors have been showcasing their chemistry both on and off-screen. But do we know how often they keep in touch during down time? The actors answered all our questions through an interview by SBS Catch.

Turns out, the two have been texting late at night! The reason however, is more surprising than you would expect. While we’d love for the two to be all lovey-dovey offset, Kim Min Gue is currently suffering through a bout of wisdom teeth-inflicted pain.

Kim Min Gue lamenting about his toothache. | SBS Catch

He couldn’t sleep at night thanks to the intense pain. Thankfully, Seol In Ah had gotten all her wisdom teeth extracted before Business Proposal went into filming. He would text her late at night when he couldn’t sleep to ask if she was awake.

| SBS Catch 

If she was awake, he would proceed to ask her for advice on how to deal with the pain! That was not all. He also texts her after working hours to check on her.

At dawn, I wouldn’t be able to sleep because it hurt so much. So I would send a message like Young Seo, are you sleeping? I would ask for advice on my wisdom teeth.

— Kim Min Gue

He previously shared that Seol In Ah frequently gets hurt. His concerned texts would then revolve around asking about those wounds.

| SBS Catch 

I always worry about you. Even when it’s not during filming, I would message and ask, how’s your wound?

— Kim Min Gue

We want a Min Gue too. Is he for sale anywhere? Be sure to catch all of their cute moments below!

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