15+ Times “Business Proposal” Actor Kim Min Gue Was Too Cool And Cute For Words—And We Couldn’t Help But Fall For Him

#10 was the best.

Actor Kim Min Gue is one of the rising stars in the K-Drama world at the moment. He made his mark as Secretary Cha Sung Hoon from Netflix‘s Business Proposal, the calm and capable best friend of protagonist Kang Tae Mu.

Kim Min Gue as Secretary Cha Sung Hoon

Check out some of his best moments from the show below!

1. During their first meeting

First up, we totally understand why his love interest, Jin Young Seo, fell for him at first sight.

2. When flowers bloomed around him

He’s a flower boy visual for sure.

3. When he was as cool as can be

We’d be too distracted to work if he were around.

4. When he looked cool turning away

There’s something about him in a coat that just gets to us.

5. When he went full on ninja to catch a criminal

He caught the guy who put a hidden camera in Young Seo’s apartment in the flashiest way.

6. When he put him in his place

He didn’t mince words when talking to the criminal one-on-one.

7. When he was casual at home

Glasses or no glasses, he’s as handsome as can be.

8. When he was fresh out of the shower

We’re speechless.

9. When he said this line

Everyone stopped breathing when he told Young Seo, “I’ll make sure you never forget.” 

10. When he did this iconic scene

And the way he removed his glasses? It was too much for our hearts.

11. When he did some pull ups

Cha Sung Hoon working out is on another level altogether.

12. When his dimples popped out

This hiking scene was the cutest!

13. When he was sweet AF

We’d probably pass out if he said this to us.

14. When he reassured Young Seo

He assuaged her concerns when meeting her strict father.

15. When he met Young Seo’s “other parents”

He looked like the perfect son-in-law.

16. When he comforted Young Seo

Our hearts went soft when he was comforted her quietly when she needed it the most.

17. When he proposed

This was hands down one of the most romantic scenes in the K-Drama.

18. And finally, when he expressed his feelings

The couple’s last scene together was as sweet as can be, especially with Sung Hoon’s candid, “I love you.”

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