Before Making It Big On “Business Proposal,” Actor Kim Min Gue Was A Viral Sensation On “I Can See Your Voice”

Do you recognize him?

Actor Kim Min Gue is making his mark in the entertainment industry with his appearance in SBS‘s Business Proposal. He plays the role of Secretary Cha Sung Hoon, the close friend of protagonist Kim Tae Mu and the love interest of chaebol Jin Yeong Seo.

Kim Min Gue

Fans couldn’t get enough of his handsome looks and convincing acting.

This isn’t the first time he went viral, however. Before he made it big on Business Proposal, he was the charming singing sensation from the variety show I Can See Your Voice. This mystery music game show focuses on guest artists eliminating bad singers from a group without actually hearing them sing.

After seeing his handsome visuals alone, Koyote‘s Kim Jong Min and MC Kim Jong Kook joked that he would be considered too blessed if he were also a good singer.

Kim Mi Sun: Out of all the celebrities here, he’s the most good looking.

Kim Jong Min: With that face, there’s no way he can sing well.

Kim Jong Kook: It’s cheating!

His lip-sync version of “You’re Pretty” by Eddy Kim further confirmed that he stole the hearts of everyone watching him.

Finally, it was revealed that he can, in fact, sing well! He covered Lee Seok Hoon‘s sweet song “10 Reasons to Love You” and immediately made the audience sigh at his deep voice.

Not only were the in-studio audience immersed in his performance, but so was the rest of Korea and the world. One of the panelists accurately predicted that Kim Min Gue would “be the number one keyword on all search engines” if he were really a skilled singer, and he did become an overnight hit!

His video quickly garnered over 23 million views and counting.

Whether it’s singing or acting, Kim Min Gue can do everything well!

Source: YouTube

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