Actor Lee Dong Wook’s High School Yearbook Photos Prove He Was Always Boyfriend Material

He was born to be a celebrity.

Veteran actor Lee Dong Wook has been active in the entertainment industry since making his acting debut in 1999.

Although it’s been over two decades since he first appeared on screen, it may not be easy to tell, thanks to his famously youthful visuals and continued prominence in the industry.

Lee Dong Wook | @leedongwook_official/Instagram

After nearly three years, Lee Dong Wook is returning to his role as Lee Yeon in season two of the popular K-Drama, Tale Of The Nine-Tailed.

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed 1938 will act as a prequel to the first. The show will follow returning character Lee Yeon, time traveling to 1938, where he meets with his brother Lee Rang (portrayed by actor Kim Bum), and a new character, Ryu Hong Joo (portrayed by Kim So Yeon).

“Tale Of The Nine-Tailed 1938” promotional photo. | HanCinema

As the buzz surrounding the show’s second season increases, with only a few days remaining until the season premiere on May 6, netizens are revisiting moments from the first season of the show and enjoying new promotional photos showing the main actors’ handsome visuals.

Lee Dong Wook’s visual transformation over the years has always been a hot topic. From his acting debut in 1999 to now, he’s kept netizens captivated with his striking features.

Lee Dong Wook in 1999 | @iconickdramas/twitter

While he’s been recognized for his visuals since his debut, the talented actor’s yearbook photos show that even before he hit the big screen, Lee Dong Wook was always boyfriend material.

Lee Dong Wook’s yearbook photos were released on SBS‘s Good Morning in 2012, showing that even as a student, it was clear he was born to be a star as he stood out from his peers with his actor-like visuals.

Lee Dong Wook’s yearbook photo | SBS
Lee Dong Wook’s yearbook photos | SBS

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