Here’s What Actor Lee Min Ho Likes Most About His “Pachinko” Character

“…that’s what I really like about the character.”

Playing one of the main characters of Apple TV‘s Pachinko, actor Lee Min Ho opened up about his role and what he admired most about his character.

Lee Min Ho | @actorleeminho/Instagram

During his interview with Access, Lee Min Ho gave background about his character Han Su and how it shaped his actions throughout the drama.

My character Han Su was born in Korea but because of the difficult situation in Korea, he moved to Japan and…was raised in Japan. And in that process, he had to really try his hardest to survive.

— Lee Min Ho

Because Han Su had such a rough upbringing, Lee Min Ho noted, “he’s not sophisticated.” Instead, Lee Min Ho described his character with, “He could be really harsh sometimes, but I think he is a very strong character.

What made Han Su rough around the edges was the same thing that Lee Min Ho liked about him. He explained, “And he has that strength in him. And I think that’s what I really like about the character.

If you watch Pachinko and come to think that Han Su is a bit harsh, you aren’t alone. It comes from his strength in surviving.

Han Su in “Pachinko.” | Apple TV

Watch Lee Min Ho speak about the rough and soft sides of his character.

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