Actor Lee Seung Gi Opens Up About The Incredible Thing He Believes Exists In His DNA

Is that his secret to looking so good?

Actor Lee Seung Gi was visiting a vegetable factory in Yangju on tVN‘s variety show Friday Joy Package. At the factory, the vegetables were cooked for use in mandu.

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As soon as Lee Seung Gi arrived he said, “I’ve been doing image training. I assume I’m going to wrap the mandu.” The producer laughed bitterly before informing him that he would be cooking vegetables.

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Lee Seung Gi said, “Mandu is loved by my grandpa. He eats it often.” In addition, he said, “Mandu will taste differently depending on the amount of onion added to it.

When the producer said, “I’m familiar with mandu.” Lee Seung Gi replied, “I don’t think so. My family has mandu in their DNA for generations.


Lee Seung Gi