Where Is He Now? The Actor Who Was Caught 4 Times For Drunk Driving And Sent To Prison

He’s been released from prison for years.

Son Seung Won debuted as a musical actor in 2009 and made his K-Drama debut several years later, becoming known for his roles in Welcome to Waikiki and Hello, My Twenties!. He had a stable career until he committed a serious crime—multiple times.

Son Seung Won

After getting into a car accident while driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and fleeing the scene in 2018, Son Seung Won was charged with those crimes and driving without a license. As a result, he was sent to prison in 2019 for eighteen months.

| Yonhap News

After his release from prison in 2020, the actor wasted no time stepping into the spotlight. He posted two photos to his Instagram account and shared how much he’d missed his family while serving prison time. His words were met with backlash from netizens who called him an “attention wh*re” for celebrating his release—considering it was his fourth time being caught for drunk driving.

I’m very sorry. I missed you a lot. Mom and my younger brother.

— Son Seung Won

Son Seung Won appeared to have taken the backlash to heart. Four years since then, his Instagram account no longer exists. He’s quietly exited the entertainment industry, no longer appearing on Blossom Entertainment‘s artist lineup.

Blossom Entertainment’s current artist lineup. | Blossom Entertainment

After being charged with his fourth DUI, Son Seung Won hasn’t appeared in a musical or K-Drama in the years since. Without any official social media accounts, the former actor is living away from the spotlight and hasn’t even been spotted.

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