K-Drama’s Famous Femme Fatale Is Hotter Than Ever At Age 52

She will be starring in an upcoming K-Drama.

When actress Lee Young Ae starred in the psychological thriller Lady Vengeance (also called Sympathy for Lady Vengeance), she received multiple “Best Actress” awards for her incredible performance.

Lee Young Ae in “Lady Vengeance”

The plot of Lady Vengeance follows Lee Young Ae’s character, Lee Geum Ja, who was arrested and imprisoned for 13 years for allegedly having kidnapped and murdered a child. However, once she is released from prison, Lee Geum Ja attempts to take revenge on the man who framed her and ruined her life.

The 2005 film has some resemblance to the recent hit K-Drama The Glory, which also highlighted a femme fatale character that viewers couldn’t help but root for, even as she hunted for revenge.

Actress Song Hye Kyo was a similar sort of femme fatale in “The Glory” | Netflix

Lee Young Ae stunned viewers with her award-winning appearance in Lady Vengeance, and now, 18 years later, she is still astounding netizens with her gorgeous visuals.

| @leeyoungae0824/Instagram
| @leeyoungae0824/Instagram

Lee Young Ae is 52 years old, and her youthful visuals and charisma have her looking hotter than ever.

| @leeyoungae0824/Instagram
| @leeyoungae0824/Instagram
| @leeyoungae0824/Instagram

Although the actress took a break between 2003 and 2017, Lee Young Ae has since returned to the screen, most recently appearing in the 2021 K-Drama Inspector Koo, where she impressed fans with her incredible versatility as an actress.

Lee Young Ae in “Inspector Koo”

Currently, Lee Young Ae is slated to star in the upcoming K-Drama, Maestra, which is reportedly a remake of the French television show Philharmonia.

You can watch a trailer for Lee Young Ae’s iconic film Lady Vengeance here.

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