Actress Yoo In Na Talks About Her Upcoming K-Drama, Friendship With IU, And More

Who else can’t wait for “Snowdrop”?!

Popular actress Yoo In Na recently sat down for an interview with W Korea to discuss her career, friendships, and more.

In Na began by talking about what she did on New Year’s Day. “I got everything out of my home to figure out what to throw away. I’ve started to become a minimalist.

They then transitioned to talking about her upcoming film New Year Blues, in which she deals with a painful divorce.

There are four couples in the story and it tells the story of what happens to each of them during New Year’s. It shows all of them overcoming very difficult situations. Compared to other roles I’ve played, my character is relatively quiet. I usually play very upbeat characters, so I wanted to try to challenge myself.

—Yoo In Na

She then began to discuss another upcoming project of her’s Snowdrop. She complimented the writers for combining the different stories of all of the characters well. In the K-Drama, she plays Kang Chung Ya, a surgeon at a hospital. When she was asked to explain more about her character, In Na chuckled, “I found out that she is much more charming than I thought in the beginning. She’s beautiful and intelligent, but it’s impossible to know what she’s hiding.

While talking about her drama career, the interviewer, of course, had to bring up In Na’s popular character, Sunny, in Goblin. They especially mentioned the unique way she talks in the drama.

I put a lot of thought into how to portray Sunny in Goblin. I tried plenty of variations in order to come up with a unique way of talking. I was worried that people would react by saying ‘What’s with that?’, but after it aired, I felt amazed about the fact that I’d achieved something like that. Gong Yoo gave a lot of compliments by saying Sunny’s character was unique and had a fun way of speaking.

—Yoo In Na

Yoo In Na is an actress that has been lucky enough to star in many iconic hits such as Goblin, My Love from the Star, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Secret Garden, and more. She was asked if those dramas gave her pride or if she thinks that she was just lucky.

I don’t think that projects do well because of luck. The combination of a great script, directing, and acting is always what makes a project worthy of success. However, I do think my casting for roles in such projects was because I had good luck. Especially since there are so many other actors who could pull it off. Still, I do feel a sense of pride.

—Yoo In Na

In Na was then asked about her close friends and what they think of her. “They said I’m kindhearted but strong. I come up with good solutions, buy delicious food, and am honest. They probably kept my weaknesses to themselves and just said my strengths.

This, of course, lead to a discussion about her famous friendship with singer IU. She was asked what she thinks makes them a good fit and if she thinks that they’re similar or complement each other with their differences.

It’s exactly 50/50 between us being similar and us being different. I think that makes us closer. I’ve heard that being together with someone who is too similar to yourself can eventually make you sick of them. I think that’s true, but at the same time, the person might feel like they’re not a good fit if they’re too different.

—Yoo In Na

To conclude the interview, In Na was asked to describe the past 10 years.

They were truly an emotional 10 years. In the beginning, I didn’t know what was what, and I went through limitations and frustrations. As I began to come out of that dark tunnel, I matured and my happiness changed. I realized that I can be happy with just food, friends, and sunlight. After that I haven’t been depressed for even a moment. Thanks to the fact that I wrapped up my late 30s peacefully, I’m full of good energy.

—Yoo In Na

Source: W Korea