“It’s All A Lie” — aespa’s Karina Exposes The Big “Myth” About Idols

Karina also revealed how she became #1 on “Gardenscapes.”

Get ready K-Pop fans, because aespa’s Karina is here to shake up your perception of idol life with her latest bombshell. In a candid conversation on Lee Young Ji’s popular YouTube drinking show, she revealed her prowess not just on stage but also in the virtual world of the popular game Gardenscapes and proceeded to dismantle a long-standing myth within the industry.

The discussion kicked off when Lee Young Ji brought up a surprising fact about Karina. “There was one thing about you that shocked me,” Young Ji confessed, her words sparking intrigue. “You finished all of Homescapes. That’s so crazy.

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However, with a proud grin, Karina corrected her host, “It was Gardenscapes. I’m the number 1 in Korea.” Yes, you read that right. Aespa’s Karina is not only one of the top idols in the industry but also currently tops the leaderboard in South Korea on the popular mobile puzzle game, Gardenscapes, having reached an astounding level of 9926!

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In response to this revelation, Young Ji voiced a question that might have crossed the minds of many fans. “Did you even have time for that?” she asked, reflecting the commonly held belief that the life of a K-Pop idol leaves no room for such leisure activities.

This is where Karina unveiled her big revelation. “I do have a lot of time,” she said with a laugh, debunking a well-accepted “truth” of the idol world.

It’s all a lie that celebrities don’t have time. It’s all lies. So much time is spent on moving and waiting, it’s impossible not to play even one game.

— aespa’s Karina

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| 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube

While it’s a common narrative that idols are perpetually caught up in a whirlwind of schedules, rehearsals, and fan events, Karina offered a refreshing counter-narrative. It turns out that in between the high-energy performances and tireless practice sessions, there are moments of quiet and downtime, where idols like Karina can dive into a game or two, or in her case, almost 10,000 levels of Gardenscapes!

Through this candid confession, Karina gave fans a fascinating glimpse into an idol’s life beyond the spotlight. She reminded everyone that, just like us, idols also find time to unwind and pursue personal interests, whether it’s reading, writing, or becoming a pro at Gardenscapes.

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