Aespa’s Karina Looks Like Two Different Female Idols When She Has Bangs

Do you see the similarities?

Aespa‘s Karina is known for her beauty. She first went viral with her stunning looks during their debut with “Black Mamba”.

While her tiny, perfect, face shape gave her the nickname “quail’s egg,” her face is the ideal SM Entertainment style of a “cold beauty.” Fans have even called her the human form of their hit song and concept, “Black Mamba.”

As she’s always had the same long waves since her debut, fans wanted to see how she’d look with full bangs! They edited her selfie with the new look, and while she looks as beautiful as ever, fans noted that the bangs toned down her chic look. It also reminded them of another SM Entertainment artist…

Fan’s edit of Karina’s selfie. | Pann

Irene from Red Velvet! The eye shape and bangs are a perfect match.

Although Karina’s chin is more pointed and her lips more heart-shaped, the two give off a similar vibe with the same hair.

Fans also pointed out the similarities to another female idol, Woo!Ah!‘s Nana. Nana also is famous for being both an Irene look-alike and a former SM Entertainment trainee! Nana’s small dimples around the corners of her lips remind us of Karina.

This definitely proves the consistency of SM Entertainment’s taste! All three of them look just a little bit similar but overall strikingly gorgeous in their own ways!

Source: Pann