Aespa’s Karina Reveals Her Latest Hobby That Helps Bring Out Her Artistic Side

She is so creative!

The members of aespa participated in a fun interview with Harper’s Bazaar! During their interview, aespa received several interesting regarding their latest hit song “Next Level.”

One personal question the members were asked was “Do you consider yourself an artist?”  

Karina answered that she does consider herself to be an artist and it’s all thanks to a hobby she’s been into lately!

Oh, I think I’m an artist and these days I’ve been writing a lot in my diary. I realized I’m pretty good at writing.

— Karina

As her roommate, Giselle confirmed that Karina’s words were true! Since the two girls share one room, Giselle stated that Karina always seems to be enjoying the time she has writing in her diary.

karina actually share the same room and these days I’ve been seeing her writing a lot in her diary and she doesn’t really tell me but it seems like she’s having a good time.

— Giselle

Check out the video below:


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