Netizens Gush Over aespa Karina’s Professionalism During A Mistake On Stage

“Is she really a rookie?”

After recovering from a minor mistake during a performance, aespa‘s Karina has netizens in awe of her professionalism.

| @aespa_official/Twitter

During a special performance of “Next Level” where the members collectively wore headbands with cat ears, Karina ran into a small issue when performing part of the choreography.

She momentarily struggles to separate her arm from the accessory…

…but eventually corrects the situation with a smile on her face. However, that’s not what made her professionalism apparent.

Immediately after making the mistake, she’s able to shake off the mishap as her gaze rapidly changes. While it’s uncommon to see a rookie master their expressions after an unexpected situation, her change is much like that of a professional performer.

Look at the way she was smiling at that point, and then her smile disappeared and her gaze changed, she was crazy.

— Netizen

She eventually took to social media to post about her adorable mishap and it only showed even more of her cute side!

No but because I was wearing a cat ear headband, I told myself to be careful and not hit the headband, but then I directly hit the cat ear with my arm. Do you know how shocked I was..? It won’t appear on the broadcast, right…? Please… Because I’m embarrassed…… Will you love me even though I’m like this^^💙

— Karina

| Naver
| @aespa_official/Twitter


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