Aespa’s Karina Spills On The Haunted Truth Behind The “Missing Trainee”

She shares her paranormal experience with Kep1er’s Chaehyun during her Instagram live.

SM Entertainment artists are no strangers to the paranormal; many have shared their tales of otherworldly encounters from the “haunted” practice room in their old company building.

SM Entertainment’s former company building | Travy

SM Entertainment moved into a new building, but not before aespa‘s Karina experienced an introduction to the SM Entertainment practice room ghost.

Karina and Winter previously shared a story of a ghostly encounter in a small vocal practice room. As Winter hummed along to an uncommon song, she thought she heard Karina singing too. When she asked Karina how she knew the song, Karina didn’t know what she was talking about. 

When Winter asked again, she and Karina heard another voice, but they were the only ones in the room.


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♬ Black Mamba – aespa

In the same past interview, Karina shared that she had a separate encounter in the practice room.

While practicing late into the night, she accidentally fell asleep. When she later opened her eyes, she saw someone sitting at a nearby table, except she could only see their feet swinging back and forth from the chair; there was no upper body.

| adoreswinko/YouTube

Now, over two years later, Karina is back with more paranormal stories from her trainee days.

Karina recently held a live broadcast where she shared two new stories, one featuring Kep1er‘s Chaehyun, who used to be an SM Entertainment trainee.

Kep1er’s Chaehyun (left) and aespa’s Karina (right) | @ujiminphoria/Twitter

After a group of trainees gathered to head back to the dorms together, they noticed that Chaehyun was missing. When they called her, she said she had seen other girls still in the practice room, so she didn’t realize everyone was ready to go.
The other trainees informed her it couldn’t have been any of them; they had all been outside the building waiting for over 10 minutes. When Chaehyun told the story at a different time, she shared that upon reflection, one of the girls she saw didn’t fit the description of any of the current trainees.

Karina shared another instance, again from the haunted practice room.

When she was a trainee, she saw someone sleeping in the practice room and left them to rest. As other trainees arrived, she asked who the person sleeping was, only to be informed that Karina was the first trainee to arrive that day.

SM Entertainment has since moved to a new building and has hopefully left their “ghostly” friends behind.

While they may have been able to escape the frightful practice room, netizens believe aespa is currently living in WayV’s “haunted” former dorm. Check out more on that in the article below!

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