Aespa Give Fans A Tour Of Their Dorm — And Netizens Suspect It May Be WayV’s Old “Haunted” Apartment

“I’m hoping aespa didn’t inherit the ghosts…”

The members of aespa recently gave fans a tour of their dorm, and while many fans were happy to see how much space the members have for themselves, some couldn’t help noticing that the apartment looks familiar.

Aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

Aespa made an appearance in MBC‘s reality show The Manager, where they gave fans a glimpse into the daily life of the members. Fans got to see aespa hard at work…

| MBC/YouTube 

…as well as kicking back and enjoying their downtime with a picnic.

The members also spent some time relaxing at home, giving MYs the dorm tour that many had been highly anticipating.

The footage revealed a highly spacious and well-cleaned living area…

| MBC/YouTube

…as well as the two bedrooms that the members share. According to Karina, Winter and Giselle live in one room together…

…while she and NingNing share another.

One of the first things fans noticed about aespa’s dorm is the unexpected wardrobe in the common area. While aespa have previously spilled that they like sharing clothes, fans couldn’t help being amused by the extent to which they actually do it.

But what really caught many netizens’ attention is the fact that aespa’s dorm looks a lot like WayV‘s old dorm.

The members of WayV famously had multiple incidents in their living quarters, from falling wardrobes and unruly pets to fires and leaking ceilings. But one thing fans will always remember is that the members were convinced that there was a ghost in their former dorm (allegedly the one aespa now live in).

As aespa revealed their big apartment, netizens claimed that it looks exactly like WayV’s old ‘haunted’ dorm, hilariously hoping that the ghost isn’t still there.

Of course, some have their doubts about it being the same apartment, especially after taking a close look at WayV’s old videos…

But fans think other things are just adding up.

In the end, whether it’s the same apartment or not, it looks like the aespa members have made the place their own!

You can watch aespa’s dorm tour on the link below.

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