Aespa’s Karina Shocks Netizens With Her Hourglass Figure And Flawless Visuals

The category is face AND body!

During her time in NYC, aespa‘s Karina asked fans for advice as she tried on her jackets for the cold weather. However, netizens could barely focus on the try-on haul as her stunning visuals stole the show!

She tried on various looks asking fans to vote for their favorite, from a short leather jacket with shearling trim…

…to a long, black pea coat that brought out her chic side. However, netizens revealed the one problem with her jacket haul!

I couldn’t see what she was wearing because I was looking at her face…

— Netizen

Karina was praised not only for her small face shape that’s similar to a quail egg…

…but also for her stunning, hourglass figure that she emphasized in black skinny jeans and a slim-fitting turtleneck.

Netizens raved about how she’s the total package and looks gorgeous no matter what she’s wearing.

Her visuals are apparent even while wearing a face mask!

Karina is stunning both inside and out!

Check out her try-on session below.

Source: Instiz