Aespa’s Winter Spills On Why She Laughed During GOT The Beat’s “Stamp On It” Stage

She was so professional you probably didn’t notice!

Aespa‘s Winter is an incredibly talented vocalist and dancer who always shines when she takes the stage.

aespa’s Winter

Most recently, Winter impressed fans with her performance in GOT The Beat‘s comeback, “Stamp On It.” Although fans of BOA, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, and aespa all had mixed reactions to the group’s comeback, they were still largely impressed by the power and talent the idols brought to the album.

GOT The Beat | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

Fans especially loved Winter’s expressions and chic styling in their performance on Mnet‘s M Countdown.

| M2/YouTube 
| M2/YouTube

And while fans loved one adorable moment of Winter smiling during the performance, which can be clearly seen through her fancam…

| M2/YouTube 

Winter quickly took to the private messaging app Bubble to explain that she was actually laughing because of an unexpected accident. As she explained, while getting into the next formation, she unexpectedly stepped on BOA’s foot. And Winter even knew the exact timestamp for her laugh.

| M2/YouTube

| @wntrult/Twitter

Fans were surprised by Winter’s message since they had just seen the laughter as a well-suited facial expression for her part and had to rewatch to notice it.

Fans can look forward to more adorable interactions between the members of GOT The Beat since the members only seem to be getting closer with time.

You can read more about GOT The Beat here.

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You can watch Winter’s fancam here.


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