Aespa’s Winter Admits She Accidentally Opened A Senior Group’s Car Door, And Their Reaction Was Hilarious

She was too cute!

A behind-the-scenes video for Red Velvet and aespa‘s collaboration song, “Beautiful Christmas,” was finally released, and fans had the rare opportunity to see cute interactions between the groups!

Aespa and Red Velvet | @aespa_official/Twitter

It showed them filming scenes of the music video together…

…talking to each other during breaks…

…and describing what it was like working together.

Aside from that, Red Velvet made sure to take good care of their junior group. Wendy and Joy, for example, noticed that Winter was cold and requested for a hot pack from the staff for her.

Red Velvet’s Joy (left) and Wendy (right) | SM Entertainment
Aespa’s Winter | @aespa_official/Instagram

After they received it, Joy asked her if she had the chance to take a nap. She said she was able to sleep for around two hours.

  • Joy: Did you take a nap?
  • Winter: I did for about two hours?

Her sleepiness reminded Wendy of a funny incident that had happened! According to the “Like Water” singer, Winter once accidentally opened Red Velvet’s car door. At first, she didn’t realize what had happened and blankly wondered who was in the car. She didn’t know that she had gone to Red Velvet’s car instead of aespa’s.

  • Wendy: I saw her opening the door.
  • Winter: After that, I went, “Huh? Who is it?

Wendy had a hilarious reaction—she jokingly asked Winter if she wanted to ride with them! The aespa member laughed and declined her offer.

  • Wendy:Want to ride with us?” That’s what I said.
  • Winter: So this is what I said, “Ah no, no.” (laughs)

But according to Wendy, Winter stayed polite and kindly said, “Please rest well” to them before leaving. It was a short yet memorable and funny moment between the two groups.

In the same video, Winter, Karina, and Ningning talked about how close they are to Red Velvet and described what it was like working with them. Check it out here:

Aespa Honestly Answers If They’re Close To Red Velvet And What It Was Really Like Working With Them

Source: YouTube
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