Ahn Bo Hyun’s Honest Opinion About His K-Drama Sex Scene

What did he think?

Ahn Bo Hyun and Han So Hee made much buzz when their drama My Name was revealed, and for more reasons than one. While the show kicked off to great reviews on acting and visuals, many viewers were both shocked and stumped by the sudden sex scene in the last episode.

The steamy scene ended up more revealing than most, with the two sharing a heated moment in a remote beach house.

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While Han So Hee revealed in a previous interview that she had not been made aware of the scene until she had signed on, Ahn Bo Hyun shared in a later interview, just how he felt about the scene.

It seems like Ahn Bo Hyun knew how viewers felt about the scene. Even so, he himself sees it as raw emotion between two hurt individuals.

As I saw people being divided in opinion regarding that scene, I saw that it could be interpreted in different ways. For me, as both Jiwoo and Pildo have scars, I hoped that they would become a source of comfort to each other.

Regarding the sex scene, it was the process of how Jiwoo changed from a monster, due to Pildo. Regarding that part, I thought that it would bring about emotions of a love scene.

— Ahn Bo Hyun

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Regarding the scene and possible pressures of such a revealing scene being filmed, Ahn Bo Hyun did not feel worried as he had ample time to discuss the direction of scene, with the directors and his acting partner, Han So Hee, before the scene went into shoot.

Director Kim Jin Min, Writer Kim Ba Da, Han So Hee and I discussed it lots before we filmed it and so I think that I didn’t feel much pressure but was able to be immersed in Pildo’s emotions.

— Ahn Bo Hyun

The result was a masterpiece! The intimate scene sure made viewers feel in more ways than one. Catch My Name on Netflix if you haven’t!