“The Trash Is Taking Out The Trash” — Korean Girl Has Male Friend Meet Her Bad Boy “Boyfriend” And Things Get Heated

Nobody was ready for this.

On the YouTube channel Airplane Time, a video shows what happens when a girl introduces her guy friend to her “bad boy” boyfriend.

In both scenarios, each girl surprises her guy friend with the sudden news that she has a boyfriend — and he’s on his way to meet them now.

When the boyfriend takes a seat, he’s introduced to the unsuspecting male friend.

However, it doesn’t take long for him to show his true colors.

Soon, he begins acting disinterested, invasive, and even rude.

He implies that there can be no friendship between a man and a woman, but the male friend insists they’re nothing more.

At one point, the girl leaves and the boyfriend talks behind her back.

The boyfriend begins making inappropriate remarks about her body.

However, her friend continues to stick up for her.

The friend tries his best to establish boundaries and respect…

…and soon reveals what he truly thinks of the boyfriend after he leaves.

I think your boyfriend is a bad person. I don’t think he’s that good. When you get a boyfriend, you get my permission to go out with him.

— Friend

“I want you to stop seeing him. I just don’t want you to meet your boyfriend. I don’t think your boyfriend is a very good person for you,” the other friend remarked.

When the boyfriend quickly returned, the friend had clearly made up his mind about the boyfriend!

Trash is taking out the trash.

— Friend

However, at the moment, he revealed the whole thing was a hidden camera prank! These boys have clearly passed the test that they will stick up for their friend, no matter the circumstances.

Watch the full video below.