Airport Employee Shares Her Encounter With Actor Jung Woo Sung And Proves His Personality Is Top Star Status

Top star quality!

YouTuber and flight attendant Kim Soo Dal invited a senior employee onto her channel to share her story of the time she met actor Jung Woo Sung.

This story takes place twenty years ago when she first started her job as an Asiana employee. Her first duty as a rookie was escorting first class passengers to their gate.

One of the passengers she had to escort was none other than top star Jung Woo Sung!

She was so nervous she couldn’t even think straight. She still remembers the flight he went on, which was a flight to L.A. There were about 400 passengers in line at the gate, but she escorted him to the back of the line for economy instead of first class.

How did top star actor Jung Woo Sung respond to this?

“Are you by chance a rookie? (smiles)”

“It’s boring waiting, you want to hear a fun story?”

And just like that, Jung Woo Sung and the employee stood in the economy line for about 15 minutes…

…and ended up being the last passenger to board the plane!

Before boarding the flight, he said, “I’ll return safely.”

However at the company, things were going crazy after finding out that a first class passenger boarded the flight late.

She ended up giving him an apology phone call as soon as he landed at his destination.

But Jung’s response was, “Thanks to you, I arrived safely.”

What a gentleman! This just proves he is truly not only a top star visual and actor, but also a top star personality and person!

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