American Clothing Store Employee Spotted Yoona Shopping Around In His Store, Here’s What He Did

This fan ran into Yoona at his workplace, and he did exactly what any of us would do!

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona was in New York to attend the Prada Resort 19 Fashion Show. Meanwhile, it seems like she managed to squeeze in some shopping and had an encounter with a fan!

One SONE was working at a clothing store when he happened to spot Yoona! He recounted his experience on Instagram which immediately became viral.

So I’m walking around at my store, where I work, and I see a girl. As soon as I see this girl – when I really looked at this girl – my whole body gets hot. My heart becomes heavy because I know that that girl is Yoona from Girls’ Generation!

— Yoona Fan

He took the rare chance and approached Yoona, asking if she needed any help.

So I walk up to her, is there anything I can help you with today? ‘Do you have large size’ Let me check in the back for you.

— Yoona Fan

And help he did! Not only did he help her find the right size, he gave her pointers about the look!

So I find the shirt. And she wanted to know if I thought the shirt looked large on her.

— Yoona Fan

While he helped her check out, he couldn’t help lay out his heart to his favorite idol.

As soon as she left, he retreated to the confines of a fitting room to recount everything that had just happened – because when you meet your favorite idol, sometimes  you need a quick debrief!

This lucky SONE had the moment of a lifetime, and his precious recap did it justice!

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