The American Media Mistook NCT for BTS… Again

At this point they should know better.

In a segment called K-Pop 101, Good Morning America editors made a huge mistake with matching pictures of idols with their names.

Keke Palmer (left) and Carla Hall (right) hosted the segment

In the segment, K-Pop fans had the chance to win front row tickets to NCT 127‘s show in New York; all they had to do was answer a K-Pop trivia question correctly. If they answered incorrectly they would have to do some K-Pop choreo as punishment.

A contestant dancing after getting a wrong answer

After asking a fan what the zodiac sign of BTS’ Jungkook was – to which she correctly answered “Virgo” – Good Morning America flashed a picture of NCT’s Jungwoo with the answer instead of Jungkook.

Then, when asking the blood type of NCT’s Jungwoo, Good Morning America showed a picture of Jungkook.

Well, that was awkward. Good Morning America editors definitely would’ve failed their own test.

Netizens are rightfully upset and see this as a sign of disrespect to both groups and negligence on the part of editors.

This also isn’t the first time an American media outlet has carelessly mixed up NCT and BTS. During the American Music Awards 2018, so many news sites confused NCT for BTS – BTS weren’t even in attendance.

Good Morning America has since fixed the clip as is posted on their official website.


Source: Good Morning America
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