American K-Pop Fans Were Asked Which Group Is The Most Popular In The Country

So many K-Pop groups, but only one can be the most popular!

The YouTube channel Xiaomanyc is known for polling New Yorkers on a variety of topics including which member of BTS parents would want their children to date or which member of Red Velvet is the prettiest. This time, they switched things up and rather than focusing on one group, they decided to poll Americans on which K-Pop group they feel is most popular in America.

While walking around KCON 2019, he approached random people to ask who their favorite group is and why. To start with, this lovely young lady said that her favorite group is SEVENTEEN because the group is diverse and they’re all very talented.

Source: 马在纽约/YouTube

The guy on the right said his favorite group was TWICE because “they’re the whole package,” meanwhile his friend shared that BTS is his favorite.

Source: 马在纽约/YouTube

And, this charming trio (who are impeccably dressed, by the way), like NCT and Red Velvet!

Source: 马在纽约/YouTube

After interviewing quite a diverse set of people, the results were in and BTS topped the poll, with ATEEZ coming in second.

Source: 马在纽约/YouTube

What do you think of the results? Were you surprised or is this more or less what you expected?

We suggestion watching the whole video below to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions, there were thoughtful and heart-warming responses that weren’t included in our article!

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