Angry EXO Fans Send Their Chen Merchandise Back To SM Entertainment, In Effort To Make Him “Quit EXO”

They continue to push for Chen’s removal from EXO.

In January 2020, EXO‘s Chen announced his plans to get married to his girlfriend who is pregnant with his child. While he asked for the fans’ blessing, and many did support Chen’s decision, some Korean EXO-Ls found the news disappointing and began requesting his “removal“.

Since then, these angry EXO-Ls have incessantly continued to ask Chen to quit EXO. In their latest effort to show their frustration with the situation, they decided to mail back all of their Chen-related merchandise to recipient Kim Jong Dae at SM Entertainment building in Seoul. The hashtag  #첸_택배총공_보고_탈퇴해 trended on Twitter, as more EXO-Ls against Chen shared pictures of their merchandise…

… wrapped in boxes with strong messages of hatred on the boxes…

[KIM JONG DAE, QUIT EXO] Please do not return to sender. If recipient is absent, please toss at the rear entrance of the address.

… tweeted along with bitter goodbyes to Chen.

You weren’t even my bias, but I had 16 kilograms of your merchandise. I’m going to think of it as the cost of having trusted you. I spent so much of my paycheck buying these, but with one page of your letter, they have become trash worth less than $10. This is your value, this is the reality. Please stop bothering everyone and just quit the team.

— Twitter @naga_out_naga

This is the last time I’m spending money on you.

— Twitter @our_yxxth

You know, Jong Dae, if you uploaded that ridiculous message on LYSN and announced that you’ll be leaving the group, I would have supported your decision and wished you a good life — though I would have not been able to understand. I really can’t believe you are making me do this with my own hands. You’ll never understand what the fans are feeling.

— Twitter @winka_9488

Such a “movement” has sparked a heated debate online, with K-Pop fans commenting that this has “gone over the line”.

  • “Okay, this is now just psychotic.”
  • “How cringe. What are they, elementary school kids?”
  • “More work for the poor employees at SM.”
  • “Do they think this is witty? This is such a nuisance. I’d be sick and tired of these fans if I worked at SM.”
  • “Jong Dae or whoever is never going to even see these. Only the employees will bust their asses trying to deal with the situation…”
  • “This is so childish.”
  • “I really hope they realize one day what a nuisance they’ve been.”

Meanwhile, supportive EXO-Ls also continue to fight for Chen.

International EXO-Ls Band Together To Block Attempts At Chen’s Removal From EXO

Source: THEQOO