International EXO-Ls Band Together To Block Attempts At Chen’s Removal From EXO

International fans are uniting to show support for Chen:

International fans are banding together to show support for EXO‘s Chen and are urging SM Entertainment to protect the group as well.


Responding to a petition demanding Chen’s removal from the group due to his marriage and pregnancy news, EXO Global, a large international fanbase of EXO, made an official statement in showing their support for Chen.

We, international EXO-Ls who collectively made up the largest contributors to the profits of EXO in terms of export beyond fanclub membership, hereby denounce any effort to expel any current member of EXO.

— EXO Global


They are denouncing any effort, statement, or person that calls for the unfair expulsion of Chen and asserted that those statements do not represent the majority of EXO fans.

Any existing statement or person that calls for unfair expulsion of a member, in this case Kim Jongdae/Chen, based on his personal life choices that should not affect his dedication as an artist do not represent the majority fans of EXO; which expands beyond domestic borders.

— EXO Global


They listed several ways international fans have had an impact on EXO over the years while urging SM Entertainment to consider all aspects of fans’ opinions and protect the group.

Non-domestic fans have been the biggest contributors to EXO’s yearly album sales that lead up to their million sellers recognition; as well as the biggest revenue in terms of international tours and personal income distribution amongst the members…

We urge SM Entertainment to consider all aspects of the fans’ sentiments and realize how overall positive support outweighs the indignant burst of a certain group.

As a fanbase, EXO Global shall support the counter-petition against the unlawful call for expulsion for a certain member and we also urge for fellow fans worldwide to make their stance known.

— EXO Global


Following the statement by EXO Global, many more international EXO-L and EXO-L fanbases have united to show their support for Chen. One of the ways they’ve been showing this support is by trending the hashtags #FaithInCHEN and #SM_PROTECT_EXO9, both of which began trending worldwide on January 17.


International EXO-L have also shared a form in preparation for an official statement that will be published as a collaboration with several Korean fanbases who are also supporting Chen and want all of the members to stay together.


Chen recently announced that he will be marrying his girlfriend who is currently 7-moths pregnant with their first child. While several Korean fans are outraged by Chen’s sudden and “delayed” news, EXO-Ls all over the world continue to show their love and support for Chen as they celebrate the news with him.


Read EXO Global’s full statement below:

Source: @EXOGlobal/Twitter
Source: @EXOGlobal/Twitter
Source: @EXOGlobal

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