“ANTIFRAGILE” Songwriter Speaks Out About LE SSERAFIM Plagiarism Accusations

The songwriter’s response left no place for any further claims.

In the world of music, controversies often arise when artists’ works bear striking resemblances to each other. Recently, LE SSERAFIM, the rising K-pop sensation, found themselves in the midst of a plagiarism storm, with accusations that their music drew heavily from the Spanish singer Rosalía. However, amidst the heated debates online, the songwriter behind their hit track “ANTIFRAGILE,” Isabella Lovestory, has also spoken out.

It all started when netizens began noticing eerie similarities between LE SSERAFIM’s songs and Rosalía’s iconic tunes. The unique singing style of “UNFORGIVEN” appeared reminiscent of Rosalía’s “Linda,” while others claimed the beats of “ANTIFRAGILE” seemed to bear a striking resemblance to the reggaeton roots found in Rosalía’s music, such as in “Chicken Teriyaki”. Fans also pointed out coincidences in outfit choices and scenes within the respective music videos.

However, LE SSERAFIM’s loyal fan base was quick to defend their beloved idols, arguing that these similarities were merely trends in the music industry. They stated that shared elements such as outfit styles and music video scenes were common and did not necessarily indicate plagiarism. In their eyes, the accusations were nothing more than baseless claims attempting to discredit the talent and hard work of the group.

During a press conference for the launch of their latest release, “UNFORGIVEN,” a reporter brought up the allegations, asking LE SSERAFIM about the similarities to Rosalía’s content. While such a question might have been considered untactful, Chaewon, the leader of the group, responded gracefully and calmly.

Our songs and concepts contain our stories and message so I would be thankful if you could see them as our characteristic creations.

— LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon

Fans applauded Chaewon for her composed and dignified answer, expressing their admiration for her poise in the face of such provocation.

Isabella Lovestory, the songwriter behind “ANTIFRAGILE,” also joined the conversation, fiercely defending her work and the integrity of LE SSERAFIM. In response to a fan on Twitter who implied that LE SSERAFIM had plagiarized Rosalía, Isabella emphatically denied any accusations. Her statement left no room for doubt, asserting that the plagiarism allegations were baseless and fueled by misguided assumptions.

Nothing was stolen, a fucking latina wrote this shit.

— Isabella Lovestory

Despite the potential stress that such allegations can cause for any artist, it appears that Chaewon of LE SSERAFIM has remained remarkably unfazed and demonstrated her carefree attitude in a truly iconic manner. In one memorable moment, she was caught on camera, in between takes when recording for M COUNTDOWN, mouthing “Rosalía” to Yunjin while imitating a famous move from the beginning of Rosalía’s song “BIZCOCHITO.”

This specific pose, where Rosalía mimics chewing imaginary gum, turned into a viral meme in 2022 and had been playfully recreated and spoofed in various videos. Even Rosalía herself acknowledged the meme’s popularity. While Chaewon’s actions were likely in line with participating in the trend, fans interpreted it as a sign of her nonchalant response to the plagiarism accusations.



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