AOA Jimin Shows off Her Thin yet Glamorous Body in Recent Update

She looks absolutely stunning.

AOA‘s Jimin recently gave her fans a new update by sharing photos of herself wearing a beautiful 2-piece outfit on her official Instagram account.

Jimin, who caused her fans to worry a few months back, showed off confident poses that allowed her charisma to shine through.

In the photos, it can be seen that Jimin still has quite a thin figure. But what drew particular attention was something else.

The outfit she was wearing showed off her impressive curves despite having a fairly small frame.

It’s hard to deny that her glamorous figure is one that’s almost unrealistic and hard to look away from.

In contrast to the on-going worry about the star’s well-being, these photos are capable of eliciting envy among female fans who prefer a little more curves.

Regarding her fans’ concern, Jimin and her agency, FNC Entertainment stated that she is perfectly healthy and well.


Source: Insight