AOA’s Seolhyun Couldn’t Decide Which Of Her 30 Gorgeous Selcas To Upload So She Posted All Of Them

Seolhyun blessed us all with plenty of breathtaking selcas:

Taking and then choosing the perfect selca is already tough enough but AOA‘s Seolhyun made things even harder for herself when she took 30 gorgeous selcas. With all of the stunning selcas to choose from, Seolhyun simply couldn’t pick the best one!


Knowing that any of the photos would make everyone’s heart flutter, Seolhyun decided instead of picking one herself, she could ask fans for help! So she uploaded every single one of her pictures and asked fans for help!


In three separate posts on AOA’s official fan cafe, Seolhyun let fans know that she had taken some selcas and that she just couldn’t choose one before asking everyone to look at them all.

I took some selcas.

I really can’t choose one.

So please look at them all.

— Seolhyun



And what followed was plenty of gorgeous selcas that not only showed of Seolhyun’s stunning visuals…


But also her sweet personality too!


With 30 heart-fluttering photos, it’s simply impossible to choose one that’s the “best” because they’re all perfect!


In fact, instead of choosing a favorite pic, fans have just been sending Seolhyun a whole lot of love for her awesome surprise!


See some more of Seolhyun’s dazzling pictures below!