This Is What AOA’s Seolhyun Eats To Maintain Her Fit Figure

Plus her exercise routine!

AOA‘s Seolhyun may have one of the best bodies in K-Pop, but it’s a result of more than just good genes. Like you would expect, she works hard for it by regularly exercising and eating healthy food.

On May 4, Seolhyun shared a picture on her Instagram Story with the caption “Today…”

The picture consisted of her meal for the day, which included iced coffee, several cherry tomatoes, and two boiled eggs. It looked like a delicious and healthy meal!

She also recently posted a picture of a scrumptious looking sandwich. It was perfectly toasted and loaded with lettuce and tomatoes.

The accompanying photo showed her enjoying her meal outside a restaurant, the bright sun shining down on her.

Fans who saw the pictures showered her with love and compliments.

When it comes to exercise, Seolhyun previously shared that she does squats and Pilates whenever she can. She once demonstrated her abs workout, so if it worked for her, it may work for you, too!

For those who want to try her workout routine, Seolhyun linked a video that demonstrates what exactly she does. Watch it below!

Source: Nate