AOA Seolhyun Shows Unexpected Response to Photos of Her Own Figure

She’s not wrong.

AOA‘s Seolhyun recently showed an unexpected response to a female idol’s figure…

And it was none other than Seolhyun herself!

Seolhyun recently checked out her own body in a series of photos and showed a response that was understandable, but no one saw coming.

Seolhyun revealed photos of herself in a photoshoot for a sports brand, and it showed her revealing her flawless body, especially her abs.

The caption on the first photo reads, “My abs…

While the caption on the following photos continues, “Even when I look at it…

They’re spectacular.

And she’s not wrong.

After all, many fans immediately think of Seolhyun when it comes to gorgeously fit bodies.

But it sounds even more validating to hear it from Seolhyun herself!

Some of the fans’ comments to Seolhyun’s approval include “Those are some gorgeous abs indeed“, “I don’t blame her“, and “If I had abs like that, I’d go around bragging to everyone“.

Source: Dispatch