Here Are The Easy And Effective Diet Tips That Apink’s Bomi Uses To Lose Weight Fast

This is how she gets thin fast!

Apink‘s Bomi recently revealed her go-to diet tips that help her lose weight in a week.

She states this method is not for everyone and that it’s optimized for her own needs, so you may adjust it to your liking.

If she wants to lose weight in a week’s time, she opts for a juice diet.

She starts with a tomato juice for breakfast…

…and takes a fiber juice for lunch.

They’re very filling so they can keep her full for a while.

Along with these, she takes many vitamins to make sure she’s not missing essential nutrients.

She shows vitamins from her mom including probiotics, cacao nibs, and more.

Before bed, she has a protein drink which allows her to sleep while feeling full.

She also recommends drinking as much water as possible and brings around a 2L bottle of water with her.

This type of diet should only be done short-term since it can cause negative effects to the body if done long-term. Check out her full vlog below!